Monday, August 24, 2009

The ecoLUXE Lifestyle 28-Day Immersion Program

The ecoLUXE Lifestyle Immersion Program

Our most popular, life changing event is back!
A step-by-step system for Body, Beauty and Bliss!
Fuel Your Body*Feed Your Soul*Free Your Mind

Complimentary preview night--September 20th*
special introductory evening and tasting

Classes begin September 27th & run through October 18th

Join us for the one class or the whole series

The ecoLUXE lifestyle is back with a unique event series to take you to the next level in health, wellbeing, beauty and mindset. No matter if you’re curious, just beginning your journey to health or an advanced student or alumni, the program is designed as a step-by-step, good/better/best format so you can go at your own pace. Each week you’ll have the option to customize the program to suit your needs. We take the guesswork out of nutrition, with an easy to follow structured system and give you a supportive outlet to connect with like-minded individuals and learn to trust your “gut wisdom!”

No more depriving diets, crazy detoxes or chemical quick fixes! We’ll teach you how to rethink food, super foods, & supplements while showing you how to eat for nutrition and upscale your life! Welcome to the world of conscious eating!

Each week you’ll learn how to:
-Become empowered to take control of your own health through education
-Reboot digestion and gut health
-Vote with your dollar through the food choices you make
-Decrease hunger and bloating
-Fire up your energy
-Fight fatigue and mood disorders
-Hear the truth about all the contradicting and confusing information in alternative health, healing and beauty
-Sample and learn to make delicious, truly healthy superfood recipes
-Develop a healthy relationship with food
-Find your perfect weight
-Make better choices for you, your children and loved ones
-Tap into your magnetic presence that goes beyond external beauty or physique
-Connect with other health-conscious individuals

Gain courage in your food choices, confidence in your body and strength in your life now!

The ecoLUXE Lifestyle Immersion Program is a unique event series that can be done as a series or individual class. Classes meet Sundays from 7:15-9:15 at YogaNow Gold Coast.

*Check us out--Complimentary Preview-September 20th-7:15pm-9:15pm

Get a Taste of the Lifestyle-A special information night & tasting workshop.
Lisa will share:
-the 5 most powerful foods to add in
-the "reboot" approach to firing back of your body and beauty
-amazing healthy recipes
-the strategies for maintaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle

The ecoLUXE lifestyle is led by healthy living mogul Lisa Persico. Best known as the “reboot” coach, Lisa gets people going and staying healthy with effective and successful lifestyle systems that are based around sustainability and consciousness in food, mood, beauty, mind, heart and soul. Her unique approach to workshops and coaching utilizes cutting edge health information, yet she offers positive insight and inspiration to help clients rejuvenate their body, integrate healthier habits and upscale their life with grace and ease.

Pre-registration for discount-Sept 20th--
$199 for full series/4 events($225 after Sept 20th)

Kickstart Evening only --complimentary

$60 for each class if purchasing separately(week to week)

Lifestyle alumni pricing applies(inquire with Lisa)

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