Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Top 6 Superfoods for the Season

With the chill of winter, stress of the holidays and unhealthy food at social gatherings, it's easy to see why weight gain goes up and energy levels go down this time of year. So, we've put together a list of the six essential products to keep you energetic, slim and glowing into 2010 and beyond.

Chocolate Bliss- The Supercharger
Keep mineralized this season and fuel the body with a powerful combination of 22 superfoods.
Chocolate Bliss will keep you energized through shopping sprees, turn you into the life of the party and minimize cravings. Kiss those holiday cookie binges goodbye!

Phytoplankton- The De-Stresser
Stressed? Anxious? Got a bad case of the holiday blues? Keep this little gem on hand for daily drops of de-stressing. Marine phytoplankton helps enhance mood by getting the seratonin levels up and gives you the focus needed to accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list.

Enzymes- The Quick Fix
Okay, so we're not a fan of quick fixes, but we just can't deny the miraculous ability of enzymes to supercharge your digestion in minutes. Keep these in your purse at all times and simply pop a few before that cocktail party, big feast with the family and any other time you get ready to eat. Never use the lame excuse, "but it's the holidays" again.

Vitamin C- Get the Glow
Want to truly sparkle and shine? Get the glow from the inside out with naturally occuring Vitamin C. This beauty mineral, derived from a selection of super powerful exotic fruits, helps produce collagen to keep your skin naturally soft and supple. Plus, you'll get an extra boost of protection from nasty winter cold bugs and the flu.

Vanilla Agave- The Sweet Deal
Got a sweet tooth? Use this top of the line sweetener as your saving grace. Add in coffee, teas, elixirs and use in desserts as a replacement for sugar. Heard agave was bad for you? Read this article on the difference truly raw, pristine agave nectar makes.

Fiesta Mole- The Flavor Saver
More than a spice or a seasoning, Fiesta Mole is like the spice of life! Considered the savory sister of Chocolate Bliss, Fiesta Mole is a must to have in any kitchen for quickly adding intense flavor, mineralization and sensation to any dish this season. Use in salads, dressings, dips, soups and more.

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  1. Thank you Lisa for making these superfoods available to us in Chicago.
    Love my Chocolate Bliss.